Axis Fitness

Axis has recently relocated to a larger facility. We are now situated within the Goals soccer center which is located within Gosforth Race Course. We are now 4 times larger with 4000 sq ft of space available. We still have Nautilus Machines along with over 20 pieces of cardio equipment. We are also one of only a few clubs in the country equipped with the all new octagon HTS rig. For more info see our dedicated page explaining what the Octagon rig is all about.    
We have members from all over Gosforth, Newcastle, Gateshead and the North East of England. We cater for all levels of fitness and health. In our club we have a full range of Nautilus Resistance Machines, a great selection of C.V. equipment and free weights. Our staff are fully trained Level 3 Advanced Instructors following Nautilus training principles and H.I.T. (high intensity training) methods. We are also GP Referral Exercise Specialists.    
Here at Axis we offer the most time-efficient exercise programs, facilitated by an extensive range of the very best exercise equipment available. Our professional and experienced instructors provide 1 on 1 supervision to create the ultimate experience in both customer service and results. Accurate records of your personally tailored program are kept to monitor your progress workout by workout.    
Axis has a simple and effective approach to getting the best results, in the least possible time.  
We provide the best equipment commercially available in a distraction free, immaculately maintained gym, and then add to it the best instructors, who are serious about their own training.    
We provide an environment free of the usual impositions and unproductive gimmicks most fitness facilities continually re-cycle.  

Our commitment to attaining the best possible results is such that if you can guarantee us that you are seriously committed to getting results, we guarantee that you will get them!


Nautilus Resistance Equipment

We are Gosforth’s only fully equipped Nautilus gym. Each machine is bio-mechanically designed around the human body. Inside each machine is a cam which matches the human strength curve, eliminates sticking points and gives the muscle the best workout per rep, whether you are 16 or 60 years young.

One of the huge benefits of having Nautilus equipment is that even if you are carrying injuries from sports or have had an accident, maybe you have joint problems preventing you from for-filling your health goals, we can design rehabilitation programs safely to get you back on your feet.


Established Design

The history of Nautilus is also the history of exercise. Where the barbell once stood as the pinnacle of exercise, Nautilus now stands as the pinnacle of exercise science. By comparison to any earlier equipment produced for the singular purpose of exercise, the barbell was indeed a giant leap forward and was capable of producing more in the way of muscular mass and strength gain than any other method of training. When Nautilus arrived on the scene it was something entirely new. Nautilus machines weren’t merely an improvement on available equipment; they were a whole new approach to exercise and progressive weight training.

Arthur Jones found that one of the basic faults with the barbell/ dumbbell is that the resistance is rarely applied directly to the body part that is in fact moved by a particular muscle. This means that resistance is applied to a secondary body part and becomes indirectly moved. What then results, is that the muscle which you are trying to exercise is not exposed to a resistance in proportion to its actual ability. Rather a point of failure is reached when a weaker secondary muscular structure is unable to continue.

Arthur Jones

As you can see there was no guessing in the design of Nautilus machines. Jones demanded that “function dictates design”, and the functions required for perfectly performed exercise dictate the design of Nautilus machines. Over the twenty-two year research and development stage Jones concluded that there are 10 basic requirements for the perfect form of exercise which are:

• Rotary movement
• Direct resistance
• Automatically-variable resistance
• Balanced resistance
• Positive work
• Negative work
• Stretching
• Pre-stretching
• Resistance in position of full muscular contraction
• Unlimited speed of movement