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Looking to lose weight and get back into shape?

As you may well know, weight loss and health clubs should go hand in hand however, people still think that by just going to the gym and working out it is enough to ensure effective weight management.

This is simply not true.

In fact 70% of your effort should go into your food and the choices you make.

We are all different.

At Axis, we understand you, the client. We identify the type of individual you are with 3 categories, 
each one requiring a different coaching strategy:
Client #1: Low compliance – No results. (Struggles to follow the program).
Client #2: High compliance – low results. (Follows the program, gets below-expected results).
Client #3: High compliance – high results. (Follows the program, gets above-expected results).
Each of these types have specific needs that we address and enables you the ability to make DRAMATIC changes.
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