Meet The Team

Our Team

Steve Davis

GP referral Specialist / Owner

About Me (and the birth of Axis Fitness)

I started training around 24 years ago in the usual body building gyms, using traditional volume training methods.

I stumbled across a gym in High Heaton that was equipped with Nautilus strength training equipment and no free weights. I was not impressed, but the instructor told me he would give me 3 sessions free and would convince me this was the gym for me. He was right. I loved it………..!  
I started to train less but more intense and got better results than ever before.
This is where I and a few others got the idea to open our own Nautilus gym. We opened our first gym with 3 pieces of nautilus equipment in a garage that we converted. This garage was bolted onto an osteopath clinic where we trained clients that had been referred to us by the clinic. This is where I got my core skills and knowledge with regard to strengthening the human body. We then decided to expand our unique skill set and opened a gym in North Shields, above a medical centre. There we got referrals from the local GP surgery.  
We stayed there for a year but quickly realised we needed more space, that when we discovered Northern, in Gosforth. we have never looked back since.
My passion now is nutrition, studying for 10 years trying to understand the physical and psychological aspects of weight loss, I’ve been able to help many of my clients lose weight successfully and permanently.


• Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
• Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
• GP Referral Exercise Specialist Instructor
• High Intensity Trainer (H.I.T) Reps Accredited

David Parker

Personal Trainer

I have been a qualified gym instructor for the last 6 years and over that time I have worked in many gym’s across the north east. I this time I have picked up loads of knowledge and gained so much experience for example, instructing classes such as group circuits, boot camps, legs, bums and tums and finally body combat. So if classes is your thing, I could be the guy for you! My interests outside the gym are sports, travelling and going to comedy clubs.

Areas of Expertise:

• Over 25 Years Experience
• H.I.T Training
• Trained powerlifters
• Trained Professional Bodybuilders

Andrew Keenan

Personal Trainer

My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. Together here at Axis Fitness we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities and the integration of guided fitness programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun and dynamic environment.  
Interests: strength and conditioning, skiing, food, travel, socializing and an overall passion for health and wellbeing.


• Level  Level 2-3 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness
• Level 3 HNC health and exercise
• Foundation degree in Health and Exercise
• Level 2 sports activator

Nathan Calvert

Personal Trainer

I began training summer of 2015, As I experimented with my nutrition and training I soon started to notice small changes. I started to get stronger, more muscular and fitter. This was amazing so i thought if I can change my body in such a positive way then I can help others achieve this too. So, I started various courses to improve my knowledge. This became a passion for me so i applied for a position at Axis Fitness.  
While at Axis I have gained my level 3 Advanced PT, GP Referral, Level 3 & 4 massage to name a few. While on these courses I have learnt about various training methods and the effect they have on the body as well as how correct and incorrect nutrition can effect the body. I now apply this knowledge of training methods and nutrition into my training of clients and into my own training. I hope to use my qualifications in sports massage to aid client recovery times and prevent the injury of athletes and the general public, particularly in rugby as that’s the sport I play at county level. I am always studying and doing research to keep up with the ever changing fitness industry and to further expand my knowledge.  
New to the fitness industry I have a passion for exercise and hope to help anyone and everyone to the best of my abilities with the qualifications below.


• Level 2 in Fitness Instructor / Circuits Instructor
• Level 3 Personal Trainer / Kettlebell Instructor
• Level 3 GP Referral Instructor / Fit4Boxing Instructor
• Level 3 Sports Massage / Studio Cycling Instructor • Level 4 Sports Injury Massage