Exercise for Seniors

What do we offer you?

Get the very best advice regarding what you should do for exercise that will take into concideration any pre-existing conditions.

Equipment sets up in no time at all and is easy to use. We show you how to set stuff up as many times as you need.

Machines are joint and back friendly so if you have arthritis, don’t worry, our equipment will ease your pain.

Even if you have a medical complaint, dont stress, we can help. At Axis our GP Referal Specialists are always at hand to help.

Later years and exercise go together!

Today older people lead more active lives than previous generations and have the desire to make retirement a time to do all the things that there was never time for doing as they forged careers, raised families and in general tried to keep up with the normal pace of life. However the years take a toll on our bodies and suddenly we all realise that the once fit Gods we knew we were, are no more! Independence in later life is important especially as the population is becoming older and more are living longer. Increasingly as we age the bodily changes are so incrementally small we do not recognise them  until suddenly the shopping bags feel heavier, that golf swing is not as strong, the grandchildren are too lively and the enjoyable walk becomes a trek up a mountain!
SAGA has pages on their website devoted to the problems of Sarcopenia or Muscle Loss with interesting facts to support how important stopping this process is not only for functional strength but ensuring your brains neural pathways are used as well. If strength is reduced, your activity levels are reduced, fat gains increase, your mental state declines, activities become more difficult and the downward spiral exacerbates and the symptoms of ageing increase !
The “I cannot be bothered” syndrome becomes more prevalent?  
What part of the body has the greatest impact on healthy living as the years tick onwards?…MUSCLE !  
Muscle loss occurs naturally in early life increasing as we get older. At 60, 1% of muscle is lost per year, it doubles to 2% at 70 and 4% at 80. The University of Florida’s Institute of aging has received an additional $5.2 million grant to study in greater detail muscle loss, partly because Florida has a higher incidence of older people, due to the milder sunny climate attracting retirees.
Nursing home admissions increase as people age and many of those are because of the inability to function as they did in earlier life due to muscle loss.  

Axis has a full range of Nautilus Sports Medical Industry resistance equipment which is found in the majority of hospitals in America for rehabilitation.  
The reason? It’s safe, gives fast results and is adaptable for all ages and sizes, whether male or female. Results in only 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Does that sound attractive? Did you expect to be in a gym for hours working a sweat up ? Not at Axis. Before your trial session, we discuss any injuries or concerns you may have, then plan your workout based on you fitness goals. Qualified instructors, including GP Referral qualified instructors, are able to offer a bespoke workout routine which will support what you need to retain and increase your fitness and functional strength. Most mornings the gym has a high proportion of retirees training in a relaxed atmosphere all achieving their own personal goals to staying fit. Even the music is appropriate. Call and make an appointment for a free trial. Varied memberships are available to suit your needs and not all the instructors are young and “God” like, some are in their late 60’s