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They say The Proof is in The Pudding, so with due respect to our wonderful members, see what challenge they faced and how we helped them find their own solutions – they might sound familiar to you…

Ellen's story

Before her transformation

December 20th I was shopping for my New Year’s outfit and for the first time in my life I’d purchased a size 16 pair of trousers.

At 12stone 6lbs (the heaviest I had ever been) I was mentally feeling the lowest I had been in my life and hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror.
I’ve been a member of several gyms, always trying to motivate myself to go but always making up excuses why I couldn’t and the more weight I put on the worse I felt about myself. I even made up excuses as to why I couldn’t go out with friends because I hated my appearance that much.


February 2018 my friend told me about Axis Fitness and we both went for a trial of the gym. During this time, I fell in love with the place.

For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in a gym even if I did hate the way I looked. The atmosphere in the gym was great and everyone was so friendly.

After being a member of Axis Fitness for not even a month I received a phone call from Steve Davis, the owner of Axis Fitness, telling me I had been their 500th liker on Facebook and I had won 12 weeks personal training package. I couldn’t believe it.

I went in for a consultation and we discussed my goals and I was given advice and help with my nutrition. Over the 12 weeks I worked through numerous training plans, which were written specifically for me and were adapted as my weight came down and my strength improved.

I was building up such a commitment to my training, I was seeing progress and I loved it. I felt great and my confidence had gone from 0 to through the roof.

In only 5 months I have lost 36lb. I have gone from a size 14/16 dress size to a comfortable 10.

After, look at her now !

I am now coming to the end of my PT sessions and I’ve decided to carry this on for another 12 months. I couldn’t have done this without the help and the constant support from everyone at Axis Fitness. They have not only helped me loose the weight I had always wanted to, but they’ve helped me get that confidence back I had lost. Now I actually enjoy getting up and going to the gym. I can’t wait to see how far these guys can help me push myself over the next year.

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Steve's story

Before his transformation ...

I was always relatively active until 9 years ago when I broke my leg, which resulted in a year on sick leave after having surgery. They put metal plates into my leg to support the breaks, so exercise had to go on hold for two years. Despite having a multi gym, free weights and an exercise bike in the garage, I found myself never using the equipment. Eventually 9 years later just after a family holiday, I saw a holiday photo that shocked me and gave me a kick in the right direction to do something about my weight.

I started looking at various gym memberships and soon found £40/60 a month deals with very little help or guidance. I then stumbled across Axis and read the testimonials for the Personal Training. Axis mentioned high intensity training, (H.I.T) was part of the program. That’s when the doubts kicked in again. Can I do it? Will I stick at it? Wouldn’t it be easier to just go to a gym and do it myself? But then I looked at the positives. 1 PT session per week for one year will push me and make sure I go to the gym, rather than making excuses not to.


So, I decided to call in for a look and see what it was all about. I sat down with Steve and had a great chat about the gym, the memberships, his nutritional qualifications and how they design your diet and programs. It was all a bit confusing and I started to have doubts, but as he continued everything started to make sense and I thought, “Wow” he knows his stuff. I signed up for the one-year PT and have not looked back…other than wishing I’d done it sooner. All the staff will give you guidance any time you have a question about your routine.

The programs are varied with minimal cardio other than warm up and cool down. At times I think, “why am a doing loads of strength training?”, and “how am a going to lose weight?”. Then, in your next program you realise you were doing it to build certain areas of your body for the next routine, which all builds to achieving the weight loss as well as building strength. Along with added goals to keep you pushing to achieve your best.

After , look at him now

I have learned so much nutritionally on how to control my diet. I’m eating more than I was before I started at Axis, but now know how to make the right choices and keep it balanced.

To sum up, joining Axis has changed my life completely for the better. My health, fitness and confidence have all improved, as well as gaining friendships. Staff and members all share experiences and tips which help you improve. A big thanks to Steve and all the staff for all their help and guidance. I’ve learned so much in the past few months and I’m looking forward to the next one-year program to cement all I’ve learned and see what I can achieve. 

All the staff will give you guidance any time you have a question about your routine.

Weighed in at 23st 10lbs when I joined in August. Now I’m down to 16st 12lbs with a month or so left to go to see me close to my 15st goal. Axis has changed me massively, in health and confidence. With a little determination and great advice from the staff it makes you believe in your abilities. I have not been able to run or walk any distance in over ten years due to a problem with my leg. Now I’m running 3k in 20 minutes for fun, always trying to knock more time off.

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Peter's story

Before his transformation

It gets to a point when all the times you have said to yourself, “Ok, time to lose some weight” just isn’t enough. The amount of times I have said that to myself, then became more active, watched what I ate and started to get somewhere. Then, for no reason I forget that I said that to myself and start gaining weight again.

​For years I’ve been stuck in that cycle of losing weight, then gaining weight, and then gaining MORE weight. So, I decided to join Axis Fitness, I honestly thought right, this time I am going to try to get into shape. One evening just after my workout, the owner came up to me and asked, ” How is it going?”, and then “What do you really want out of this gym?” I replied by indicating that I wanted to lose a considerable amount of weight, like 5 stone. The next question came, “Ever thought about Personal Training?”. I then reminisced about how my own progress was a constant stop, start process. I implied that I never really thought about having PT but was interested.


​In October 2011 I decided to start personal training with Axis Fitness. And boy what a journey. I have never worked so hard but at the same time so brief. I use a set of principles called H.I.T. or (high intensity training). This type of training combined with nutritional coaching has seen me lose over 4 stone in 6 months. I can get into clothes I haven’t worn in 12 years.

After, look at him now !

As well as lose weight my attitude to exercise and nutrition has changed dramatically. With exercise I have learned to work hard and smart, brief and intense. The constant encouragement from Axis has helped me get more from my sessions and kept me motivated. I am now aware of what food contains and how many calories are in them, I prepare my food now instead of just getting a takeaway.

I am in a good place right now and look forward to my next session at Axis.

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