Gym Rules

Welcome to Axis Fitness. For the safety and cleanliness and out of respect to other gym members please observe the following do’s and don’ts when using our gym. Your co-operation is appreciated.

  • You must scan your fingerprint as you enter the gym
  • Ensure you have appropriate clothing to train with. Jeans are strictly prohibited. No muddy trainers, outdoor shoes/trainers allowed
  • Use the lockers provided for personal belongings. Ask at Reception for the door code. Axis Fitness accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of personal property
  • Bring your own towel and in the interest of hygiene please wipe machines down after use
  • No eating allowed on the gym floor. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited
  • Swearing or abusive language that may cause offence to other gym members is strictly prohibited
  • The gym door automatically locks on an evening. Please ensure you complete your workout 10mins prior to closing
  • Cross fit type lifts such as “clean”, “press”, “snatch”, “thruster” and other such moves involving a weighted bar overhead or any movement at speed with a weighted bar are STRICTLY PROHIBITED ANYWHERE IN THE GYM
  • Weight lifting (including deadlifts and the above) in the functional area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  • DO NOT ABUSE THE EQUIPMENT by dropping the weight at speed
  • Please return all plates, free weights, equipment and accessories to the designated areas

The management reserve the right to ask you to leave the facility if you refuse to abide by these rules

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